Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

I’m writing this in between, as I’ve been pretty busy lately. Not only with Holidays, but with writing a book. I’ll tackle those one at a time.

Actually my Holidays weren’t very Noteworthy, as It was just my immediate family. The majority of my time has been spent playing Kinect.1

So much Dance Central….

Anyways, The book. I started it a few weeks ago… (About when the blog posts stopped) and I’ve written 5 chapters and over 7000 words since then!

So that’s why I haven’t been bombarding you with delightful pictures and quality foot-note-based humour.

I’m terribly, terribly sorry. You’ll just have to wait for the book.

It’ll be worth it.

1) For the Record, Dance Central is the best ever, Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures are fun, but Deca Sports Freedom is terrible. We could barely even work the menus while playing it. Luckily, My friend got it for Christmas and not me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


(Like Mythbusters, But faster and funnier, I promise. Now rant:)
Old people? Really?
I don't even know where to get started.
Okay, "The early bird gets the worm.":
Makes sense at first, but then you flip it. What does this mean for worms? Is there more than one worm? Really, there's only one? Eff that. Some people like worms.
No. So, there's more than one worm, this is a fact. So does the early worm get eaten? Does that mean that the worm that sleeps in and goes to work at 3 is good to go? Well now I want to just sleep in all my life.
"Sorry career +lifelong ambitions, don't think we'll work out. You're just going to get eaten."-- Worms, on life.

And that's just the start. Like, "Swim within 30 minutes of eating and you'll get cramps"? Shut up. No really, shut up. Get your own blog. (Seriously. It's not that hard. (Obviously))

And finally: "You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar."
Did you just go there? Wow.
First of all, flies are bad. If you're attracting flies, you're probably a comic-villain made of flies. And that's not cool.
And then you know what attracts flies more than honey?
Shit. Shit attracts flies.
And no one likes shit, or flies.
I have a new saying for people that aren't 80 years old:
"Be nice or people will HATE you."
Not copyrighted, not trademarked: spread the word.

Our Generation definitely needs to get in here and kick some generational sayings off the table.
In the comments, Make up a saying that actually makes sense, make a suggestion for more sayings that I can rip apart, Or post some pictures of my Flyman Comic book villain. This blog post is lacking subnotes and pictures. That's what happens when you post from computers that aren't your own.


Okay, this isn't really worth a blog post, so I'm going to write it, and then bump it down a few posts.
And okay, maybe the only reason I don't like it is because it's too positive.
Anyway, Story Time:

So; let me paint you a picture. I'm hanging out with a few friends. I leave my car in an indeterminate parking lot. Unlocked. (Now let me just say, I live in a small town, this isn't a huge deal. You don't expect people to steal stuff around here, you know?)

So we watch a movie, and return to the cars. I get in, pleased as punch (another stupid saying) and go to turn on some music.
Ipod. Gone.
Check my Glove compartment, my Xbox supplies are gone. (This consisted of my 120gb HDD and AC:Brotherhood, for the sole reason that I was going to a friend's house to play xBox after the movie.)

Yes. Everything was gone. This was quite upsetting.
Especially because all 3 of my frisbees were still there. Seriously? Are frisbees not cool anymore?
At this point, I got mad, because they stole my ipod touch, and not one of my frisbees. So, I did the most reasonable thing. I threw the cheapest frisbee as hard as I could, expecting it to fail and just fall.
It didn't. In fact, it flew quite nicely. This would have been great, if not for the fact that now it wasn't a cheap frisbee, and I had to run and get it back. I ran and got it, still pissed off, and threw if back to our cars. It hit my friend's car and broke. Yep. Awesome. Glad I got it back. (I still have it, not sure if it'll fly again. Long-live the free bank-ad frisbee. :'( )

So now I am having a terrible, terrible night. I decided not to go to my friend's house, and just to remain home. I almost tailed some guy to his house, thinking that he was the thief. Such was my paranoia and anger. (Seriously though, it was 2am on a Thursday, who's outside except thieves and people getting robbed, right?)

Instead I returned home, and called the cops. (Non-emergency number, don't worry, I know people are dying and need to use the phone.) I also looked up if there was ways to track HDD's and Gamertags and ipod touches if they were connected to the internet (I was desperate at this point, what can I say?) to no avail.
I eventually passed out around 7am, writing off my ipod and xbox hobby forever.
I woke up around 11, and did some stuff to become human again (shower, eat, etc.) and hung out with Girlfriend.

At around 1pm, I get a call from the cops. They've found my stuff in a pawn shop! Hurrah!
(Around this time, I was sitting on the couch with Girlfriend. Since I only had one hand free, I did the only thing I knew to do: Reach out for a "pound-it".
Girlfriend did so reluctantly.)

Anyway, to sum it up, Police Officers do other things than just give people speeding tickets. They are actually very nice, and do their best to help people that are in trouble. So if you have a law-worthy problem; theft; abuse/assault; copyright infringement; any serious problem, really; take it to the police. They're not as bad as you might think they are.

If you read this all, you know why I bumped it back. It was just way too nice.
Although, to make this more substantial, I found this picture of this cat in a toque.

Edit: I re-read this and don't know why I bumped it back. Right below my rant post it goes.