Thursday, November 25, 2010

Okay, I’m on the snow bandwagon.

When winter first set in, I was pissed. It’s freaking cold, snow sucks, and it’s freaking cold.

Plus I deliver pizzas for a living, so when it’s freaking cold, it’s freaking cold everywhere.

Then after Harry Potter last week, I realized that snow is pretty cool. It’s beautiful, you can build things with it, and it’s freaking cold. Which is damn cool. (Haha… ha.)

Anyway, I live in some snowy, remote village in the peaks of the Selkirk mountain range. Which means we get lots of snow. And man, was I ever terrified of driving in the snow. Then I realized it’s not that bad, so long as you’re not ridiculous.

Then I thought, hm. I’m going to try drifting. And I did. And then I became ridiculous. Right now, I’d say my ratio of drifts would be:

5 Eff yeah!’s : 7 yeah!’s : 5 well damn’s : 3 OH S$^# F^#@’s

See, the learning process was made a bit harder due to the fact that my car doesn’t have power steering. I didn’t think it was a big deal, well, It is.

It makes it a lot harder to steer with one hand, which is what you’re doing, when you are drifting.

The 3 obscenities up there belong to my first wipe out, my second wipe out where I took out some ferns, and my last, very recent wipe out which very nearly involved a pole. This pole also happens to be quite near my house. So I jogged back and got pictures!



Very, very nearly involved a pole. I was about an inch away. It did involve me getting stuck on a foot high bank, and being unable to open my driver door; thus forcing me to crawl out my passenger door and push my car up the hill so it had traction again. Eff yeah.

I did however, learn something:

“Don’t try drifting on straight stretches without power steering. It just doesn’t work. Corners are fine.” – The great philosopher, me.

Also I have too much time on my hands, due to procrastinating schoolwork1,so I’m going to start posting cool things that I Stumble Upontm.

Link of right now: These people “talk” by whistling.

1. Because you can’t quite get up from your computer and straight up leave, then you feel bad. So what happens is you sit on your computer and just attempt to do work. When faced with Accounting vs. Internet, Accounting always wins, because it’s the best thing and it is so fun.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Call me genius, or call me crazy.

But either way, I’m definitely nocturnal.

So I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. One line review:

It’s a good movie, but Hedwig and Dobbie die, so I hate it. I’ll give it 4 and a half out of 5 dead owls.

Anyway, so the movie got out at around 2:20am, I made it home around 2:35. So what’s the first thing I do when I get home? No, I didn’t play video games, and no, I didn’t go to sleep. (Which is obvious if you looked at the time stamp, which you should always, ALWAYS do first.)

I built… Wait for it.

I built a snowman. Yeah. At 3:00am.




His name is Dobwig, in memory of those we lost today.



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So birthdays suck…

…after you turn 13. Excluding 16, 17, and 19. And 18, if you live in Alberta, or if you’re into voting, but who does that right?1

(16 you can start learning to drive, 17 you can drive on your own, 18 sucks, and 19 is legal drinking age.)

I mean, when you’re a kid, birthdays are just the best thing. There’s balloons, and streamers, and presents, and cake! Oh, so much cake. And best of all, it’s all about you. For the anniversary of your birth, you are the only thing that matters ever (does not include, and is limited to, a 24 hour period).                                         And life is great.

Then you become a pre-teen, and everything is still pretty good. There’s still cake, and presents. But ugh! The social interaction! This is just an awkward time, boys starting to like girls, the conflict of spending the time with your friends vs. your family starts to arise, and you’re just stuck in a grey area between being a kid and being a teenager. What do you do now? Are you still the same person? Is Digimon still cool?2

(And the voice cracks. Don’t even get me started on the disgusting noises that came from my face around that time.)

Then you were a young teenager. You either got drunk (off 3 beer) or played video games. I’m not going to even begin to talk about the amazing adventures that I had. But suffice to say, they were pretty cool.

If you didn’t do either of those things, then you were boring. Or female. Or gay. Or maybe you just didn’t like video games or beer. All I know is it’s probably one of those things.

Anyway, to the moral of the story: I turned 18. There was no cake3, there were no nicely wrapped presents. At least in my case, as soon as you turn 18, cake=beer, and nicely wrapped presents=money. Don’t get me wrong, my birthday was fun, but damnit if I couldn’t go for some leftover cake right now.

MS Paint Equation time!


Now this sucks, I know. But don’t be upset. I have the solutions. Right here. Never before seen. Ever.


“And who the hell puts presents in bags? Especially bags that you got for your last birthday/Christmas/Chinese new year? Really? You know what you’re getting for your birthday? A god damn gift card.” – The great philosopher of our generation, Me.

1. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “Man. This guy is so ignorant, I mean, who doesn’t vote?” Well to that I say: have fun being selected for juror duty, peasant.

2. Just to clarify: Yes, Digimon was still cool.

3. Notice there was no easy “Cake is a lie” joke. That’s called integrity.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Minecraft!



This one is just a quick walk through of how to get Minecraft skins to work, as it comes with no explanation, and required some tinkering.
Blah, blah, blah.

First you get to this screen via the main menu: (It’s not exactly hidden)


Then from there, click “Open texture pack folder”, which will bring up this:


The texture pack folder should be empty, unless you’ve tried this before. As you can see, the Minecraft client reads images from .zip files, so we should probably get some of those.

You can try the painterly pack, or the Legend of Zelda Overhaul.

Here’s the only real speedbump. Most of the texture packs were made for people manually swapping out the default image files, so they just contain a folder full of all of the images, inside of the .zip folder. That sounds more complicated than it really is. Basically, the .zip folder should just contain the folders for each section, eg armor, art, gui, etc. and then the specific texture files, char.png, clouds.png, and whatnot.

These should be immediately visible and not inside another folder.

For example:


If you’ve done that, they should appear in the texture pack menu. Highlight one, click done, go play Minecraft.

Seriously, go.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh goodness.



My Minecraft game looks like Zelda now.

This is the end of me.

Tell my goldfish I love him, but I had to go somewhere far away.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The most exciting news you’ll hear while reading this.

Blog has a new design. It’s much simpler, with a less gaudy background.

Simpler too, but now it looks like no one lives here. Like one of those houses where everyone makes sure to never touch the walls ever.

Damn it.

I need a header. Someone who can wield a pencil for more than 2 minutes without somehow stabbing themselves (unlike me) should make me a header.


In other news, the blog will actually have some substance soon, because one of my friends got a camera for his birthday, and wants to play photographer.

It’s okay though, because I’m going to show him this:helvetica

And let him know to use obscure angles and black and white/sepia filters.

We’re golden!