Thursday, November 25, 2010

Okay, I’m on the snow bandwagon.

When winter first set in, I was pissed. It’s freaking cold, snow sucks, and it’s freaking cold.

Plus I deliver pizzas for a living, so when it’s freaking cold, it’s freaking cold everywhere.

Then after Harry Potter last week, I realized that snow is pretty cool. It’s beautiful, you can build things with it, and it’s freaking cold. Which is damn cool. (Haha… ha.)

Anyway, I live in some snowy, remote village in the peaks of the Selkirk mountain range. Which means we get lots of snow. And man, was I ever terrified of driving in the snow. Then I realized it’s not that bad, so long as you’re not ridiculous.

Then I thought, hm. I’m going to try drifting. And I did. And then I became ridiculous. Right now, I’d say my ratio of drifts would be:

5 Eff yeah!’s : 7 yeah!’s : 5 well damn’s : 3 OH S$^# F^#@’s

See, the learning process was made a bit harder due to the fact that my car doesn’t have power steering. I didn’t think it was a big deal, well, It is.

It makes it a lot harder to steer with one hand, which is what you’re doing, when you are drifting.

The 3 obscenities up there belong to my first wipe out, my second wipe out where I took out some ferns, and my last, very recent wipe out which very nearly involved a pole. This pole also happens to be quite near my house. So I jogged back and got pictures!



Very, very nearly involved a pole. I was about an inch away. It did involve me getting stuck on a foot high bank, and being unable to open my driver door; thus forcing me to crawl out my passenger door and push my car up the hill so it had traction again. Eff yeah.

I did however, learn something:

“Don’t try drifting on straight stretches without power steering. It just doesn’t work. Corners are fine.” – The great philosopher, me.

Also I have too much time on my hands, due to procrastinating schoolwork1,so I’m going to start posting cool things that I Stumble Upontm.

Link of right now: These people “talk” by whistling.

1. Because you can’t quite get up from your computer and straight up leave, then you feel bad. So what happens is you sit on your computer and just attempt to do work. When faced with Accounting vs. Internet, Accounting always wins, because it’s the best thing and it is so fun.

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