Saturday, December 4, 2010


(Like Mythbusters, But faster and funnier, I promise. Now rant:)
Old people? Really?
I don't even know where to get started.
Okay, "The early bird gets the worm.":
Makes sense at first, but then you flip it. What does this mean for worms? Is there more than one worm? Really, there's only one? Eff that. Some people like worms.
No. So, there's more than one worm, this is a fact. So does the early worm get eaten? Does that mean that the worm that sleeps in and goes to work at 3 is good to go? Well now I want to just sleep in all my life.
"Sorry career +lifelong ambitions, don't think we'll work out. You're just going to get eaten."-- Worms, on life.

And that's just the start. Like, "Swim within 30 minutes of eating and you'll get cramps"? Shut up. No really, shut up. Get your own blog. (Seriously. It's not that hard. (Obviously))

And finally: "You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar."
Did you just go there? Wow.
First of all, flies are bad. If you're attracting flies, you're probably a comic-villain made of flies. And that's not cool.
And then you know what attracts flies more than honey?
Shit. Shit attracts flies.
And no one likes shit, or flies.
I have a new saying for people that aren't 80 years old:
"Be nice or people will HATE you."
Not copyrighted, not trademarked: spread the word.

Our Generation definitely needs to get in here and kick some generational sayings off the table.
In the comments, Make up a saying that actually makes sense, make a suggestion for more sayings that I can rip apart, Or post some pictures of my Flyman Comic book villain. This blog post is lacking subnotes and pictures. That's what happens when you post from computers that aren't your own.

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  1. I actually HATE it when people say those dumb sayings. Any existant saying. It doesn't make anybody sound smarter, usually people just get confused and I personally never understand them anyway.
    My foster Mom always says them. Maybe that's why I hate them so much. She always says shit like;
    "You can't have your cake and eat it too"
    "Alls well that ends well"
    "Don't squat with your spurs on"
    I hate them.