Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An open letter to Calgary and Balzac.


Dear Calgarians.

I am a British Columbian that is in the graduated licensing program.

As such, I have to have a little green ‘N’ on the back of my car when I drive around.


Now, because this always has to be present on my car, I usually forget that you don’t need them in your oddly-shaped province of Alberta.

And for some strange reason, you have some odd fixation with taking mine.

Don’t do that.

I know it is a nice, fancy magnet, but it does not look good on any fridge.

Not even yours.

Thank you.


To the residents of Balzac,

You actually had nothing to do with the theft of my poor magnetic ‘N’ sign, but I couldn’t help but call you out for living in a town called Balzac.

You are nutz.

Nutz that live in Balzac.

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