Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I use my iPod Touch for:

The sad truth.
I got the Free App a Day app a while ago, so I download all the free apps that look somewhat decent.
Then I use them once, then realize that I have real games to be playing.
And then the next day I download more.

In other news,I’ve fully recovered from my illness now, so that’s a good thing!
Girlfriend also got sick for a while, at one point, she had a frog in her throat and sounded like a pubescent boy. It was absolutely terrible.
In other other news, I went out and bought Lego Star Wars 3 for the 3DS1. Aaaand it’s mainly responsible for the late blog post. Woops.
Well, and friends from around the province came down to visit, so I spent a lot of time hanging out with them as well2.
In fact, being gluttons for punishment, my friend from Victoria and I started playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope for 360.
Frankly, the game is just absolutely terrible. So my next post will likely be a review/huuuuuuge rant.
To bide time until then, I’ll leave you with this awesome Tetris game.
It’s Tetris inspired by xkcd. 

Edit: This was posted right after.

  1. I was soooo damn sick of Monkey Ball, but I’m still reluctant to buy an FPS game for a handheld, so I ended up with Lego Star Wars.
2.Mainly Lego Star Wars though.

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