Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Kbs

In regards to your slogan:

"It's like someone broke into your house, stole all your CD's, and made a radio station."

Firstly, that's breaking and entering, and theft; and is not only frowned upon, but also illegal. If I actually had any CD's to steal, I would be very upset, as the radio is much less convenient than CD usage. This also leads me into my second point:

The only "Compact Discs" in my household are Video Games, Music from when I was 12, and most horribly, my families'. I am forced to sit through enough terrible music when my family uses their CD's, I don't need to hear it the occasional times (like this week) when my ipod transmitter, ipod, or any other stereo device in my car is out of order. It's punishing.

A better ad would be, "It's like someone broke into your house, hacked your computer, and put all your downloaded music¹ on an external hard drive!" Also it wouldn't be said in a terrible advertiser voice. Even then, I would have to put up with all the advertisements, and would still much rather rip all the music to my computer, and arrange it as I pleased, but alas! My CD's were stolen.

No matter how you look at it, this is a very upsetting circumstance. 

Please rectify this, and replace it with something that isn't terrible, a.k.a. no more soundboards! Also if you could work together with Mountain FM, to ensure that one of you is always playing a good song, or something that is at least tolerable, that would be wonderful.

Your unfortunate listener,

Dylan Gedig

P.S.- Sugar Ray is still cool.

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