Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Information on Republic Medias..

So I’ve actually gotten a few emails about being featured when the site goes live, but I didn’t actually specify what to send me. So, here goes:

Republic Medias is a site for developing artists to get their work out, and consequently for people to find new art/music/writing.

If you want to be featured when the art goes live, email with:

A piece of your work, (preferably the piece that will be shown on our home page.)

And a short bio of yourself/your group.

I’ll be sure to get back to everyone, and give you some say as we design the site. (Tools, layout, design, etc.)


  1. I don't know if this should be categorized as a blog or as a blessing from god!!!

    Allow me to introduce myself mate! My name is Qwerty. U. Iop. I am of Australian decent and one of the last masters of the lost art of Phallicious Pianoious (it laymen's terms, "playing the piano with my penis"). I have been in what you Canadians refer to as a "rut" lately with my career though due to the shirking public interest in my craft, no pun intended ho ho ho!

    I feel like I have gone as far in the Retirment Home Recital business as I can go so i'm looking for representation. Recently a woman named Zyzz has joined me (she plays the harmonica with her pussy) so we have started a genital rock band named "Keys of Passion".

    I look forward to your hasty reply! You can find me on LiveJournal @

    God bless you!!!

  2. Sorry Qwerty, but I just can't work with 9 pints of Guinness.It just wouldn't be productive at all.
    For the record, if you want to buy yourself in, I prefer Stella or Sleeman's.
    Maybe we can find a nice, quiet, un-traversed corner of the site for you.

  3. Man, I got this Sleeman's variety pack a while ago.
    Probably #4 in the top ten best things that's ever happened to me.