Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tips for Tipping:

I’m just thinking about this as I’m about to go to work, but most people don’t know how much to tip the delivery boy. So I’m going to lay down a play by play for tip amounts.

$1: A dollar? This is pretty rare, usually just a keep-the-change type tip, or from the places people go to get killed.

$2- Lower end of a typical tip. For small orders or if you live close to the restaurant.

$3-$4: These are your general tips. Nothing too special about them.

$5: This is your best common tip. Usually what everyone tips on Fridays, because they’re having fun, and I’m stuck at work.

$6-9: These tips are just nice to get. Friendly people give these.

$10- These tips are from big orders that we share with the chefs, friends, and generally awesome people. These tips seem to get more common on Friday and Saturday nights after beer o’clock.

$20- Gotten these twice over the year I’ve worked as a pizza boy. These are for those orders. The huge ones. The orders where we have to break out the big bag.

$30- This is where clothes come off.

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