Monday, October 11, 2010

Let me paint you a picture…

A friend and I are in the woods. We’re on top of a fairly large hill, with a nice flat plateau at the top. We have no idea where we are, or where we should go, and darkness is approaching.

“Build a basic shelter,” he says. “I’m going to make some torches.”

So construction begins. I realize that we only have so much material, so I dig a hole, and begin building up the sides for shelter. By now, night is falling quickly. “Where are you?!” I hear my friend yell, obviously lost. I guide him back to our “base”, where construction is at a standstill.

This is the part where we start hearing noises…

It is too dark to go gather more materials to finish the shelter, so we wait in fear, as we listen to the noises around our high point. This continues for a while, and I fear the noises are drawing closer.

Finally, curiosity wins out, and I emerge from the hole, (with some difficulty) to see if I can find out what is making the noises. As I peer down the side of our hill, I see shapes moving below. I try to tell myself they are only animals, some nocturnal creatures that we missed in our earlier excursions; but I know they are not.

I hear them clearly now. Guttural, unholy growls.

They stop for a second.

I’ve been spotted.

I run back to the hole, hoping against hope that they are unable to get into our shelter.

I am wrong.

My friend is cursing now, wishing he had stayed to build the shelter instead of me.

This is where we find out that my shelter is actually a death trap. Everything can get in, but it’s near impossible to get out.

The shapes come over the hill, and into the hole.

We realize now what they truly are.


We fight them off, but they will not die. We can not escape, for that would mean turning our back to them. It is all we can do to stop them from eating us.

This continues for several minutes, until we realize that they are unable to hurt us as well. That’s when we heard one say, in a threatening, strangely human tone, stark against the previous groans:





  1. I love how I thought I was doing so good.
    Fighting off two zombies with my bare hands.