Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beer Review-a-thon

Sleeman’s Honey Brown Lager:


This dark lager has a medium head with an earthy honey smell. It tastes like classy hops with a nice honey undertone. Very crisp at first, but quickly mellows out. This beer is a classic, and should be treated as such.

Rickard’s Variety Pack:


Rickard’s White Ale:

This beer has a very frothy head. With a smooth texture and hints of spices and orange flavour, this beer is a great addition to any beer line-up. It’s pretty damn good.

Rickard’s Red. Not ale, not beer, just Red.

This beer is red. It's good. Not much of a head on it, and there’s not much else to say. I prefer the white ale.

Pabst Blue Ribbon:


Strong beer, ha. It just smells like cheap. Probably the grossest beer.

Rickard’s Dark:

haha, dude, this says it’s made with maple syrup. I think i taste it dude! no, wait, no. No, this just tastes like beer.


It says ist always smooth man, but i don’t think it’s smmooth it’s not really crisp either just kind of tangy but whatever, it’s like totally cheap bro


MAn this beer is so good it’s just the best. it’s cool that it doesn’t have lablels on the bottles.

Hipster pabst Beer lol!1!1


Man this beer tastes like root beer! come try this man, it’s so good! and look, it’s like, 7% and it’s almost as cheap as keystone! I know dude!

Rum and Coke;

Dude this is so good i love rum and coke. it’s oliek beer anyway righte??

G33k B33r:

man check this out its an enegy drink that taste s leik root beer I nkow dude it’s like good rot beer too not like cheap gorss root beer.

Rum and Coke:

haha, were’s the rum gone?

What. yeah dude a’ll hget back to beer in a bit whatever

kraft dinger

man who made kart diner man this is so damn good i love kraft diner so much man i love you dude bro


amn what is budwieser weven mean anyway

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