Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Nintendo Drinking Game*

1. Find some old Nintendo games.

2. Try to 100% them.

3. Everytime someone swears, take a drink.**

The games we had as kids were actually really damn hard.

Like, I’ve been playing Donkey Kong 64 again, and some of the Minigames are just damn obscene.

You go to the internet for help, but find only:

“That ****ing b*tch the bug you have to race as Tiny in Angry Aztec while SLIDING and collecting 50 ****ing coins.. I STILL CAN'T ****ING BEAT THAT ****ING PEIECE OF ****ING S**T!!”

To translate, You have to race this bug. Easy, right?


Firstly, the bug is fast as shit. Secondly, to win, you have to collect enough coins. Finally, If you lose, you restart. If you fall off, you restart. If he hits you, you lose coins, and you restart.



   This is the bug in question.

That asshole.




And that’s just the n64. Those games were easy.

Damn it.


* Have a paramedic with you. Speed dial is not fast enough.

**Do not do this with NES games. This will result in death.

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