Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Damn it, Facebook.

Or more specifically, Facebook Games. I’ve managed to avoid them until now, mainly just because I hate everything that they’re based around.

Farms? I hate Farms.

Frontiers? What the hell is a Frontier.

Cities? It’s Sim City but stupider.

But I’ve finally been snagged. They released a game based on… Monopoly.

Damn it. Double Damn it.

Nobody ever wants to play Monopoly anymore, so I figured man, this is perfect. I’ll just play Monopoly with the internet!

But no. It’s all about building a board. Building up your city, by bombarding your friends with invites and notifications, or by spending money to play a “free” game.

And that is the problem. Who else is going to play Monopoly Facebook?

Nobody I know.

In a related note, isn’t it weird that the cheapest area and the richest area are on the same corner?

Definitely prostitution.


And now an unrelated note, watch this video. It’s the best thing ever.

And then come play Monopoly with me, so I can finish my hotel in the (brown?) red light district.

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