Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I was a stupid child.

I found a bunch of messages left over on my email account today, and I spent quite a while reading through them. There were several important things I gleaned from them.

1. I was really frigging annoying.

2. I had no concept of grammar at all.

3. Homework in grade 8 was stupidly, stupidly easy.

And finally, (I can’t count to 4.) I had absolutely no social skills at all.

And now I am writing a blog.

I guess some things never change.


On the note of the blog, it’s been an interesting road thus far. When I first started it, I leapt on linking my blog to my Facebook and everything, so my only views were coming from people I knew in person.

Then I took the break, and started working actively on other things.
When I came back to do my few recent posts, I noticed I was getting less traffic from Areas I knew, and was getting way more hits from the world.

So, word up Portugal. Vamanos.

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