Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I went on a trip and now you can read about it.

Some interesting things even happened!

Firstly, shortly after starting my voyage, a wild dog appeared!

Honda Civic used Rollover!

Honda Civic missed!

The Wild Dog ran away!


I did the picture the wrong way, damnit.

My next stop was a terrifying little town called Yahk. This is the place where people go to get murdered.

Firstly, you’re greeted with this sign:


This is a perfectly fine way to enter a town. Welcome to Yahk. Okay, that’s great.

The next sign you see says “Best lip balms on the planet!”

The planet? Really? That’s a lofty claim. I’m no lip balm aficionado, so I didn’t try any, but I’m doubting that it’s the best on the planet.

NEXT SIGN says something along the lines of having the most romantic feeling in the country.

Sure, if you think murder is romantic.

Next sign is on another hotel. It claims that they have “Reasonable Rates.”

ANYWAY, the last sign you see on your way out is this one:


What. The. HELL.

I can honestly say that I don’t want to go back. Also the town has a population of like, 50. 50 people. NOTHING about it makes you want to go back.

It reminds my of the sign for a small town called Midway, whose slogan is “Come to Play, Here to Stay.” The problem is that there is NOTHING in the town.

Anyway, after Yahk I emerged from the mountains, to the fields of Alberta.


Last shot of the mountains before you reach flatland forever. FOREVER.

Nothing about the prairies is notable, except that I got my ‘95 Civic up to 180kph.

After the prairies, I pulled into Calgary, and have been here for a week.

We’ve had artsy moments:


Artsier moments:


And the artsiest moments:


I got Chlamydia in a candy store. =[

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