Saturday, March 12, 2011

This blog post…

Is pretty much 100% about Pokemon. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, I haven’t even been playing Pokemon White1 for very long, but it’s already gotten kind of weird. Firstly, there’s the whole idea of Pokemon.

To start with, you've got the whole technological problem, You have these advanced devices like the pokeball and pokedex, but no cars or anything.

Secondly, the people there are barbaric. Almost everyone, from small children to old ladies are solely interested in battling their Pokemon. It’s absolutely bizarre.

Anyway, the new games make things even weirder, because they start questioning their own games. Right near the start of the game, they introduce Team Plasma, who come in saying they want to liberate Pokemon from their aforementioned barbaric trainers.

I mean, that sounds like a good cause. When you first see them, you’re really not sure if they’re the bad guys or not.

Of course, being a Pokemon game, that just won’t work out. I mean, the first generation’s villains’ sole purpose was causing trouble (and making it double).

So the game quickly takes Team Plasma and their good cause, and smashes it into a thousand pieces. Seriously. They turn these guys into the biggest douches.

Within a few minutes of introducing them, they start robbing little girls, stealing from museums, and they even kick a Pokemon. Wow. Like, that’s just bad.

And I picked Snivy, in case you were wondering.










Haters gonna hate.


1- My friend bought Black, so I had to get white. I had no choice in the matter.

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