Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day!

Was yesterday.

It was on a thursday, so I assume all the stumbling is going to happen this weekend.

It was still the day to wear green though, and it reminded me of something from my childhood":

Kids would insist that they were wearing enough green. They’d be wearing all blue, or something, and have just a tiny bit of green on a decal on their shirt, or some green on their shoe. It was obvious that they had totally forgotten about it, and were just making excuses.



Green laces, do not count. That is not clothing. Back off.

And then it got even worse when they would do things like:


Come on. That’s like, 3cm2 of green. There’s no way that counts.

I propose some ground rules. You have to wear a shirt or a hoodie that is at least 90% green.

Green pants are a go, but nobody has green pants because they’re ugly.

Shoes do not count at all. Shoes that are green in their entirety are bonus points.


This might be a little unfair, seeing as how 80% of my clothes are green.

But no, I would still never wear green pants.

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